Not Really “Potential Spam”

Not Really “Potential Spam”

Good morning:

More and more as of late, phone companies are identifying and labeling spam phone calls. Your phone starts ringing and as you take it out of your pocket you notice the red exclamation point and triangle notifying you that this call may be spam. The vast majority of the time the alert on your phone is likely right, but every once in s while it gets it wrong. A call from a friend or an important business associate gets labeled as spam and they have to leave a message.

One of the reasons phone numbers get labeled as spam or telemarketer numbers is how many phone calls a specific number makes in a day. The more calls the number makes, the more likely it will be labeled as spam. Sadly many people view the calls God makes to mankind through His powerful word as potential spam as well. God calls out to the unregenerate every time they hear His word through the voice of a friend, the succinct and meaningful advertisement of a church, or any other contact with the message of sins forgiven. In short, God makes lots of calls to those who don’t place their trust in Him, and the world confuses God’s earnest desire to give them forgiveness and so save them for a desire to sell them something.

When God calls people through His mighty word, he calls them to give up the burden of their guilt and shame and receive the peace that surpasses all understanding so that they may “let the peace of God rule in [their] hearts, to which also [they] were called in one body;” (Colossians 3:15). The call God sends out is the best call in the world to receive because it calls us to true joy and peace here on earth and eternal joy and peace in heaven.

Answering the call of God is never a waste of time. He calls us to become His children and then gives us many more callings in life such as becoming a spouse, parent, godparent, grandparent, Sunday school teacher, usher, a pillar of a church, etc. Picking up the phone when a telemarketer is likely a pointless exercise, but the calls God has made to and given you are the most worthwhile endeavors of your life for through your spreading of God’s word, God grants eternal life.

In Christ, Pastor Naumann