Lifting the Burden

Lifting the Burden

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Good Morning:

Every human who has ever lived has carried a burden. Some may be physical, such as carrying the watering can to the front flowerbed or a constant ache and pain that will not go away no matter what treatments are undertaken. Other burdens can be even more difficult. Guilt and sorrow can weigh a person down more than any physical weight can. King David spoke of this type of burden in Psalm 32:10 “Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; But he who trusts in the LORD, mercy shall surround him.”

Sin brings sorrow into the lives of all people. There is no completely escaping the feelings of sorrow, guilt, and pain. The difference between the wicked and those who trust in the Lord is how they deal with the sorrow. The wicked attempt to lift the burden of sorrow themselves or shrug out from under it, but these attempts does not work. Sorrow and the difficulties it brings are a constant companion to the wicked.

Those who trust in the Lord though are given a different solution to the problems of guilt and sorrow. The mercy of God lifts the burden off of them. Yes, their own sin and other sins bring sorrow into their lives, but the burden is lifted off by the mercy of God and replaced with the love of God which brings peace and comfort to the sin weary soul. God doesn’t want you to try and carry the burden of sin yourself. You cannot. Instead give it over to God and let Him have your guilt. He already carried it to the cross and left it there. It does not need to trouble you any longer. The burden is lifted and you can stand up, stretch, and take a large breath of air for the mercy of God does not weigh you down, but lifts you up.

In Christ, Pastor Naumann