Grace From Five Perspectives: Part 1 The Supplier

Grace From Five Perspectives: Part 1 The Supplier

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Good morning:

Supply and demand rule the price points of almost everything we purchase. If many companies can supply a desired item, then typically the price drops. However if only one company can supply the item in question, then the price goes up. So how does this principle of supply and demand factor into the grace we receive from God? Simply put, God’s grace, able to be supplied only by Him, does not conform to the laws of supply and demand. According to the rules of this world, grace should be one of the most expensive commodities in existence. But here’s the catch, God does not operate according to the rules of this world and God’s grace is no commodity to be traded or bought. It is freely given. What’s more, is that it is given willingly.

Hebrews 12:2 says that Jesus, the author and finisher of your faith, endured the cross and despised the shame for the joy that was set before Him. Jesus willingly went to the cross. There was no coercion or forcing Him along the path. The grace He felt for sinners led Him to voluntarily give up His life for their lives. How incredible! How Marvelous! What only God could supply, He willingly did. Grace from any other source is welcome, but would not suffice to save your soul. Grace from God on the other hand has the power to grant your justification.

There’s no denying that there are some things that no one or at least very few are willing to supply. Heart transplants from a living donor are unheard of for a good reason. Second, third, fourth, and fifth chances are given less and less willingly the higher the number gets. Oftentimes grace falls into the category of something people are not willing to give. Everyone wants to help the deserving single mother of four who is barely making ends meet. However not many people find the grace to help the undeserving mother of four who wastes all the money she receives. Help the children yes, but the mother, no. Grace though is undeserved love. It is giving the twentieth chance to the person who burned the first nineteen. It is loving those who do not deserve love. It is often giving hard truths and tough love to those people, but it never turns its back on them completely. This is the grace God has for you. He willingly, never hesitantly or begrudgingly, but willingly gives you His love. God sees His grace toward you as something He wants to give you. So do not spurn what He freely gives and instead, rejoice in the grace God has for you and let His grace guide your life.

In Christ, Pastor Naumann