Another Day Closer

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Good Morning: In many homes this time of year you'll find a paper chain made up of green and red slips of paper looped through each other and hanging near…

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You Can’t Miss It

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Good Morning: There are some sights in life that you just can't miss. Everyone passing through Upper New York Bay is going to see the statue of Liberty. You'd have…

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As Good As

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Hello: A good book can take you anywhere, or so many posters claim. To a certain extent of course, the posters are absolutely true. Books can take you back in time…

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Hello: Almost eleven months ago now people all across the world made their new year's resolutions. Essentially they were asking themselves this question,  "what would I like to change about…

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The Look

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Hello: Upon reading the subject of this post you most likely thought of the look you're most familiar with. Perhaps it was the look a parent gave you when you…

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