100% Chance

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Good morning: There is more than a 99% chance of an earthquake in California of a magnitude of 6.7 or greater within the next 30 years. At least that is…

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Good morning: During times of war such as WWI or WWII military service is driven by one of two emotions.Some soldiers voluntarily join up out of love for their countries, way…

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One Size Fits All

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Good morning:  A walk through any clothing store will easily disprove the title of this devotion as far as clothing is concerned. From extra small to XXL there are a…

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The Riverbed of God’s Mercy

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Good Afternoon: Every year, the Rocky Mountains receive massive amounts of rain, snow and ice during the winter months. Then during the course of spring and summer this snow and…

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Can You Hear Me Now?

Good Afternoon: A certain cell phone company made the title of this devotion famous by having their company rep walk around America asking "Can you hear me now?" The question…

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