You Can’t Miss It

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Good Morning:

There are some sights in life that you just can’t miss. Everyone passing through Upper New York Bay is going to see the statue of Liberty. You’d have to be blind not to notice it. When a Solar Eclipse darkens the face of the sun, everyone outside is going to notice it. Yet even with these sights you might never see them if you’re never in the right place at the right time. Arriving in the Upper New York Bay before 1885 would have meant not seeing the statue of Liberty. If you’re inside in a room with no windows, you would never notice a solar eclipse. Yet there is one event that truly no one will miss. The Apostle John tells us in Revelation 1:7 that Jesus “is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him.” You can’t miss the second Advent of Christ.

There are many who would like to miss the end of the world though. All those who forsook Christ during their life here on earth would certainly like to skip Judgement Day. The people who never repented of saying to Pilate regarding Jesus “His blood be on us and on our children.” (Matthew 27:25) would like to avoid seeing Jesus again.

Conversely there are those who long for the second Advent of Jesus Christ. Before the book of Revelation was written there were even those in the Christian church who were worried that they had missed the Last Day. They were worried that Jesus had already come and so they had missed eternal life. But John assures believers here that there will  be no missing the second coming of Christ.

You can look forward to the coming of Christ because instead of having his bloodguilt upon you, you have been washed clean by the blood of the lamb. On the Last Day God the Father will see the perfect righteousness of Christ covering and enveloping you. He won’t be able to miss it.

In Christ, Pastor